Cheap tier and division boosting for league of legends

Hey guys!

We have been joining a couple of forums to advertise and get vouchers so our customers feel safer. We are in the middle of doing some vouche games now and will post again when we are done. If you want to support us on the forums or just take a look, here is the links for epvp and sythe.




And here is our main post:


EU/NA cheap and fast boosting done by diamond players


Hello everyone.

We are a group of mostly diamond (and some platinum) players who are doing boosting every day, 7 times a week. We have a growing client base, a website (with a new one under construction), many talented boosters and the cheapest prices anywhere.

What regions do we boost in?

EUW/EUNE/NA. We currently have 8 EUW/EUNE boosters and 10 NA boosters on staff

How far do we boost?

We boost from Bronze to Diamond 1, and we have one EU booster who is willing to boost to challenger for the right price.

How is you service?

It’s excellent. Every person who buys a boost gets assigned a leagueboost contact person, this is the person who will answer all your questions, assign your booster, pause your boost if you want and keep you updated on the progress.

How does tier/division boosting (formerly known as elo boosting) work?

We play on your account until we reach the rating that you paid for. You are not allowed to play ranked games on your account until the boost is done, but you can play normals when our booster isn’t on.

Can I pause the boost to play games with friends?

Yes, we do offer a pause service. Anytime you want to play on your own account you let your assigned leagueboost contact know, and we will pause the boost.

How long will my boost take to finish?

It depends on how big a boost you bought, and how many boosters we have available at the time of your purchase, but normally we boost one division a day.

How do I pay?

You pay with paypal.

How do I contact you?

You have several options.
1. You can contact us here, in a PM.
2. You can contact us on skype at: leagueboost
3. You can check out our website: lolboost | League Of Legends cheap tier and division boosting!
4. You can send us an email at:

Excuse the difference in colours and size, the post didnt copy well from the forums.

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