If your main concern isnt to go up in rating, but to improve your gameplay coaching is the thing for you! The fastest way to improve is getting someone stronger than you to teach you all about the game!

We will teach you:

  • Different game mechanics
  • Small tricks to make you win your lane
  • How to trade in the different lanes
  • How to come back from a throw
  • The best ward spots
  • Everything you want to know about runes, masteries and ingame items
  • 1vs1 lane mechanics
  • Everything you want to know about ONE role
  • Champion counters
  • How to freeze your lane

The coaching we offer:

  • Individual lessons: This lesson is just for you, your coach will identify and fix the mistakes YOU most often make.
  • One lane: Your coach will teach you the champions you want in ONE given lane. Just message us and ask for the lane you want to improve in and we will give you a coach who is a master of that lane. He/she will watch you play, play with you and play 1vs1 with you, depending on what you prefer and how you prefer to learn.
  • Team lessons: Your coach will play as a part of your team or watch a replay of your team and be on TS/skype with you and tell you what you as a team do wrong, what you do well and most important, how to improve.
  • Put together your own lesson: Tell us what you wish to learn and we will make a plan together.

All of our coaches and boosters speak english and we are available at any given time, you pick what time is best for you, and we will be there for your lesson!

Price is usually 18$ an hour.


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