If you want a reference you can PM us and we will give you the name of some of the people we have boosted (please note that this is people who have agreed to be used as references, we would never use you as a reference unless you specifically asked for it, we will always protect your privacy first).


Here are some things our customers have messaged us in s2: 

  • Wow you guys are really great, 300 elo in just 3 days! I dont know how you manage to win this much when I only get queued with noobs!!! Thanks so much!!
  • Great job! Fast and professional. Recommended.
  • Lolz only wins thanks guys you rock peace
  • You so good with jayce 12 wins 1loss hahaaaha!
  • I just checked elobuff, apprently im the 50th best evelyn player in the world even though i have not played her much thanks for making me look prooooo!

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